Knit front & back

So glad to find this forum! I’m sure you’ll be able to help… Using small dpns I’m doing two rounds of k1f&b. By the time I get to my second round, my stitches are so tight I can barely get the tip of my needle in the stitch. Any suggestions? :roll_eyes: Thanks in advance!

That does sound difficult.
You might try doing the first round on a slightly larger dpn. Work the second round with your usual size.
You could also try knitting the first round kfbs very loosely although this may lead to your dpn shooting out of the sts. (I’ve learned this lesson.)

Thanks! I did try to do the first round somewhat loosely, but will try that route again, even looser! But, yes… dpn shooting out of the stitches has happened to me, too. Usually scares the daylights out of hubby when I scream… :joy:

That’s not so bad. My family just points and laughs.

It worked! I simply knitted the whole little piece (wine bottle sleeve) much looser than the first couple I made and when I got to the two rounds of kf&b, it was much easier! And… I didn’t loose any stitches from my dpns… miraculously, :grin: Thanks again for your suggestion, “Mod Squad”! Happy knitting…!