Knit Front and Back

Hello everyone…

I have a quick question… I have a patter that says:

Cast on 18 st
R1: P across
R2: K Across, knit in front and back of fist and last stich
Repeat R1 and R2 until 30 St on needle

Now my issue is… what do they mean… K into front and back… I know that when you do a tyical knit stich you are going from the front to the back, yarning over and then slipping the stich off the needle… but how do you do both…

Do you knit the stich, but not slip it off then knit from behind and slip it off?

Thanks mucho for the help everyone

Yup, that’s exactly it. Knit without slipping the stitch off the needle, then knit through the back and slip it off.

Video here:

Man I KNEW there was a video… couldn’t find it hto… thanks a bunch… :slight_smile:

On the “Abbreviations Explained” tab (top right) there are a bunch of secret videos. Ssshhh. :wink: