Knit from 2 balls at same time

How do you knit from two balls at the same time? Even though the dye lots are the same, the colors appear a bit different. I can’t double strand it, so do I do one row one ball, next row ball #2? If so, do I carry the yarn up the side?

Hoping for an answer so I can get going on my sweater this lovely Sunday.

I haven’t done so myself, but I believe if you are knitting this way you can knit 2 rows, then switch, knit two rows then switch. I don’t see a problem with carrying it up the side either.

The way I have always taken it to mean is, you are knitting with the yarn doubled. You hold the two together and knit just as you normally would from one, only remembering to count the two strands as one, and periodically straightening out your satrands so they don’t get tangles as you do this.

Is this for a blanket?

The only problem is that this would mess up the gauge, which for this project (a sweater) would be an issue.

The project is a sweater, so by doubling the yarn, I think Knitgal is right, my gauge would be off.

Maybe I will just try different ways and see what works.

Thanks for your ideas.

I guess I misunderstood. . .I thought the pattern called for knitting from two balls at the same time; then your gauge would be done with 2 strands.

My mistake.

What is the reason for knitting from 2 balls of yarn at the same time? Maybe I’m just not getting it, but if it’s the same color, same dyelot, there has to be a reason, if not to double strand?

I know you can use 2 when you’re doing the 2 shoulders or the neckline at the same time, or if you’re doing the 2 sleeves at the same time, etc. But I can’t think of another reason, other than these, if you’re not double-stranding.

I think I was not clear in my first post. What I meant was , “knit, using alternating balls of yarn” at the same time, and this is because the colors are not the same, even though the label says they are.

So, do I use one ball for one row/round, then use the next, and so on?

“knit, using alternating balls of yarn”

Could you post a pic or link? Does it instruct you to KNIT a row, a stitch, a round or ??? Are the two balls in the patt the same yarn or diff? If not, are they wanting you to create some kind of stripe or dotted effect? (There should be some technique or visual explanation for the need for two diff balls.)


Oh. . .I see. I thought you were knitting from two at the same time (double-strand) and I did not understand it was for a sweater.:shrug:

She’s got yarn from the same dye lot, but they don’t match and wants to alternate using them so the colors blend in. The correct answer came from knitgal - do 2 rows from one ball, then 2 rows with the other and gently twist the yarns together at the side where you change them. That won’t be noticeable as it will be in the seam.

Sorry, it ‘sounded’ (you know what I mean) like the pattern was asking for this.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I did not word my first post clearly, but Suzeeq “translated” what I meant, so now I am off to play with my yarn. (But I still wonder why same dye lots are different shades. . .)

Sorry, it ‘sounded’ (you know what I mean) like the pattern was asking for this.

Knit4pie, that was my interpretation, as well.


I am doing this now on a sweater that uses Araucania yarns - which look different in the same color way and dyelots. You knit 2 rows with one ball and the next 2 rows with the other ball and go back and forth. That way it is less obvious that the balls are slightly different. Make sense?

When knitting flat doing the 2 rows will work, I did it with 2 different colors to make stripes in a blanket recently, but it’s the same idea.

Sorry to bump an old thread! I’m brand new here, and a fairly new knitter as well. I can’t sleep because I’m trying to figure out to do just what this thread is about. :aww:

I am making a scarf and need to alternate between two balls of yarn (it’s manos and the colors vary quite a bit). Even after backreading a lot of old threads, I still can’t figure out how to carry yarn up the side of my scarf, nor do I understand how to twist the two strands together and I most importantly, I can’t figure out how to start a new ball on the end of the row when it’s time to switch skeins (ie I don’t know where to place the yarn on my needle to begin the row). I casted on 26 times, knitted 2 rows, and now I’m just sitting here wondering how to start the new skein onto the needles.

Can anyone explain how I connect this “loose” ball of yarn to the portion of my scarf already knitted? I’m not sure if this makes sense, and I’m thinking I probably need someone to show me in person as I’m more a visual learner…but in the meantime, does anybody have any pictures or videos on how to do this, or can give step by step instructions to a very new knitter? thanks for any help!! :muah:

To start the new skein, leave a tail at least 6", then just knit the first st. Knit the 2 rows, then switch colors. I think there’s a video here… hmm, no, that’s stranded or intarsia. Try searching youtube for 2 color stripes; there should be something there that shows how to wind the 2 strands loosely around each other on the edge.