Knit for the Cure stumper

I chose what I still believe is a cute pair of gloves to Knit for the Cure…but I’m stumped on row 2. Oh nooo! I’m told to ssk, k, k, [B]yo, sl 1 pwise, yo[/B], k, k, k2tog. The yo, sl 1 pwise, yo has stopped me in my tracks. I’ve tried this four different ways and clearly I haven’t found the correct one. Thanks for any advice you can offer!

After the 2 knits, yo, slip the next st, yo and k2 more sts, you’re going to end up having 2 loops with the slip st in between them. A YO is wrapping the yarn just like a knit stitch except the R needle isn’t inserted into a st on the L needle. Slipping purlwise is only how you insert the needle into the stitch, not where the yarn goes. It’s going to be loose and pretty odd, but just work it through and after the next row it should look okay.

A yarn over (YO) is an increase. If it’s on the knit side you bring the yarn forward between the needles and then do whatever the next stitch is. In this case it’s slipping a stitch purlwise. Then you’ll move the yarn back between the needles to the back to knit.

There’s another YO after the slip stitch though, so after she brings the yarn forward and slips the stitch, it’s got to go forward again to make the next YO. Then knit the next 2 sts.

Oh! Sue is right! :doh:

essentially what happens is this:

ssk, k, k, yo, sl 1 pwise, yo, k, k, k2tog

you do ssk= 1 decrease, 1 stitch less.

you knit 2 stitches.

you do a yo as described = 1 increase, 1 stitch more

you slip one stitch purl wise

you do another yo as described = 1 increase, 1 stitch more

then you knit 2

then you knit 2 together = 1 decrease, 1 stitch less.

so 2 times one less, 2 times one more = the same amount of stitches again

the yo produce “holes” in the fabric.
the increase and decrease in different spots of the piece (as here) create “tilting stitches” - sections of your knitting that do not run straight up but diagonal.

the fabric produced by that will be lacey and decorated.
and it WILL feel lose with the slipped stitch in between 2 yo, but that is allright, really. it will tighten up as you work more rows. I am positive that on the next row you will work the yo in knit or purl and they will just leave that desired hole and that is that.

what have you been trying?