Knit for Hope

This morning as I was chatting with Christina (Rabbitrescuer and RaeknitsnWa or Rae), we saw a link for a member of The Lakota Tribe out of Dakota, this man is a Veteran and he lives on $17 a month out in the middle of nowhere literally. No heat/water except for what he provides himself. I am a member of The Yurok Tribe out of northern California, my mom lives there with her husband. They do not have electricity or running water either but it is not as bad as the man in the article. The Reservation is not a place of prosperity at all. The is one gas station and one store down the road and that is if for miles and miles. My mom works at the Indian Health Clinic so she knows the people there, she knows what is needed. They have talked about doing something and she knows I knit so I was on her list to bug! Well, we beat her to it, Rae and Christina came up with a wonderful idea, they wanted to knit hats, scarves, little toys, anything that the people there could use. Rae really ran with it and started a blog, As my mom says “A good heart and a generous spirit is so very valuable”.

I understand that there are a lot of charities out there but if you can knit a hat or two and pop it in the mail for them, it would let them know that there are people outside of the Reservation who do care.

Thank you for reading…

ok here are three baby hats I’ve finished so far - #4 is otn. I also found these packs of 3 pairs of socks for $1 at the Dollar Tree to send along with the hats

I used Bernat Softee baby - Pink Paradise for the 2 hats that are pink/purple/white
Patterns are: &
Third hat is made from Hobby Lobby Baby Bee Sweet Delight Baby - Playtime Ombre & using a pattern I got from my LYS - Yarn Explosion

I, too, just finished a hat:



The pattern was written by Shandeh and is located here.

The yarn is Plymouth Yarn - Dreambaby D.K., color #205.

What a super-easy pattern!

Hi all! I just finished a pair of Lacy Rib Baby Socks…



Now I have a set…with the hat previously completed…


Oh yay! I’m sending a bag full of handknit stuff that was all made by Lestrella, here in the forum. :slight_smile:

She gave it to me, because she knows I’m always knitting for charity. This is the perfect place for her stuff. :heart:

Oh my gosh!!! What lovely goodies!!!

:shock: WOW! Thank you so much!:heart: They will be very much appreciated by everyone!

I have already sent a message to Lestrella, to let her know where her lovely knits are going. cloud9

Just wanted to let you all know that my mom has received 2 boxes of items, between the 2, there are about 30-40 hats (:woot:), a beautiful mauve baby blanket, some socks and some non-knitted items like diapers and soaps! She was very impressed with them of course! I told her she HAS to get pictures before she hands the stuff out and she said she would today. One box was from South Carolina and the other California. Will post after she sends me the pics.

Just gotta say :woohoo::hug::cheering: and :happydance:

I have a bag full of hotel sized soaps , shampoos etc. Could these be useful as well?? I could put them in a flat rate box along with some knitted items. Thanks, Becky

Okay, so I just read the blog and found out that the toiletries will be useful as well. I’ll get them sent off soon…

Shandeh and Lestrella, she received the box today! And of course, she loves the stuff! She is also sending you a thank you card! Thank you to both of you for these items!

I shared this thread with my mother since I knew she and I had knit some caps and didn’t know what to do with them. She sent them before I got to take a pic!! But she called and told me she had received a nice thank you card. Maybe I will get to take a pic of the next ones!!

My mom has received them and I told her to take pictures of everything she has got so far!

She was very impressed with them, these were the first boxes she had gotten so far. And she has already given some of the items out to people too!

Yay! So glad you got the package. cloud9

I am so sorry I have not updated in so long! A lot has been happening though, my mom has received so much stuff! :woohoo:She received a beautiful red scarf all the way from Scotland, I sent in my box that had newborn hats, some airline 1st. class amenities packs and she has received at least 6 more boxes! There is even a box heading her way from Hawaii! Rabbitrescuer is sending out her box in the next day or so and I know RaeKnitsnWA is working on her box too. And she just received some beautiful hats from Ellieblue here, 2 of them are Entrelac hats and they have puzzled everyone at the clinic, they have NO idea how they were knit!:rofl:

The people that work at clinics (there are a total of 5 in the county) are amazed at the fact that there are so many people out there sending in such wonderful items to the clinic. The hats and the newborn items all get put into gift bags along for the moms to choose from when they have their baby’s. And the pregnant moms have actually started asking for a “NaAs” meeting, that is the Yurok word for “baby basket” and is the name of the program. They meet with people like my mom and discuss what will be happening to them, their baby and any and all programs they may qualify for if they need help. Sometimes the father comes in too, I remember my mom telling me that one of the fathers was surprised that there was a hat for his unborn baby that he could take home! She told me that when the she first started receiving the hats in the beginning and they were giving the hats to them as they came in.

So the program is starting to work. That is the best part of this, that there are so many people reaching out to members of my tribe, helping them out and letting them know that there are people out there who do care…when I think of that, it gets me teary eyed.

Thank you to any and all of you who have been able to send whatever you can to my mom:grphug::muah::heart:

Can you share the pattern for the socks? If it is a paid for pattern can you post a link?

Which pair? I might be able to find out…