Knit for Hope Baby Hat

I just finished a quick knit…a baby hat for Rae, Fig, and Rabbitrescuer’s newest charity project: Knit for Hope.


I looked for my daughter’s baby doll (Baby Katie), but I think we packed her up a long time ago, so the bear had to model for me…


I used Shandeh’s pattern, located here. It was the perfect thing to work on while I subbed this week, and it was a really fast knit. Thanks, Sandy, for writing the pattern!!

The yarn is Plymouth Dreambaby DK (Color #205), which I bought on clearance maybe last fall at a yarn store some distance away.


I always figured I’d use it for an Oddball baby blanket; however, it got buried in my stash. I’m glad. I think it was perfect for this pattern.

I only used 20 grams, so I still have 30 left. I’m going to see if I have enough to make a pair of booties to match.

Thanks for looking! :muah:

Awww that came out so cute!

Very nice!

Adorable! Great colors for a baby hat :slight_smile:

That is a cute hat and a cute teddy bear

so cool

Thanks for using my simple little pattern! :slight_smile:
Your hat turned out beautifully.

It turned out adorable!!

Adorable! I just love this yarn, too! How cheery!

How cute!! I have a feeling the bear is going to have a hard time giving it up :teehee: