Knit flat on circulars?

Hello! Can I knit something flat on circular needles? I’m knitting a gigantic poncho on straight needles and it’s getting tough on the wrists!!!..not to mention it’s hard to keep all those stitches on the needles!

Yup you can knit flat on circular needles, instead of continuing to knit in a round you would just knit back the way you came when you reached the end of your rows.

I actually find it easier on circulars. The straight needles put a strain on my wrist. I am especially fond of my Addi turbos and the new Fiddlesticks circulars. Once I found those, I just want to burn the stiff cables of the old ones.

I only ever use circs anymore. I don’t think I even own any straight needles… I use them for everything. :slight_smile:

I knit almost everything on circs (unless it requires dpns) - they’re easier to hold (I knit English so when I let go of the needle to wrap the yarn, it doesn’t drop and I don’t have to balance it somehow) and can hold more stitches.

Absolutely! I don`t ever use straights anymore. The circs let the weight of the knitting rest in your lap, not on your wrists. Once I started knitting with the circs I never went back to straight needles. Good luck and happy knitting!

Circulars are the only way to go! They also are great for knitting in tight quarters (subway trains/buses) becqause your elbows are not sticking directly out. With circulars your elbows are closer to your body.

Ditto what everyone else said. I don’t even own any straight needles…

Yup–I gave all of my straights to my sister because I have my denises and don’t need much else other than dpns

I only ever use circs anymore. I love them so much. I can’t remember the last time I used single pointed needles.

My dad saw me knitting flat on circs the other day and he asked me “So, is that like wearing mittens with a string that runs through your coat?”

oy vey:teehee:

Well it is, sorta… you don’t tend to lose one of your needles.