Knit Everything Bag

[color=blue]Good Morning,
My daughter decided she wanted instead of the Sample Stitch bag :shock: . Could someone draw me a mental picture as to what: Sl first st as if to p, bring yarn to back between the sts, k to last st, bring yarn to front, sl last st means? :oops: I understand the Sl first st as if to p… I am such a visual person… could someone tell me what "bring yarn to the back between sts would look like? I feel really dumb… ha! :notworthy: Thanks in advance! annie :sunny: [/color]

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Basically you will be starting out with your working yarn in front as though you were going to be purling, then slipping the first stitch to the right needle, then moving the yarn to the back of the work because you are going to be knitting the rest of the row. Knit until you have one stitch left, then bring the yarn back over to the front of the work and slip the last stitch. Does that help??

[color=blue]Knitqueen, Thank you! :cheering: why does it take someone to repeat what is written to have it make sense? OMG :blush: … thanks again! [/color]