"Knit even in rounds...."

I am a new knitter and am working on a felted bag,I am working on the body of the bag. The pattern says…

“Knit even in rounds of stockinette stich until there are 48 rounds counting from the cast on (about 13”)."

What does “knit even” mean?? I took it to mean knit every round, but I am thinking maybe it means something else? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

The bag is being done in stockinette stitch so you would knit one row then purl one row. They mean to have equal rows of both so you would have 24 rows of knits and 24 rows of purls. :slight_smile:

Knit even just means to continue in pattern with no increases or decreases. Since you’re working in the round and the pattern calls for stockinette, you’re right that you just knit every round.

Thanks Jax, good thing that’s what I’ve been doing!

Knit even, or work even' means to knit in pattern with no increases or decreases. You keep the number of stseven’. So yeah, just knit every round after that.