Knit Edging Pattern

I’m making a circular afghan with color changes. Since the afghan gets larger every couple of rows, I’m looking for an edge stitch that can be added on the last rounds and needs to increase if possible.

[COLOR=“Red”]The pattern needs to have multiples[/COLOR] and not one that you cast on and then add later. Possibly fluted and not ribbed although I think I can handle the increases discretely but want something that will suit the afghan. It is contemporary and not dainty or lacy at all. Does anyone have any suggestions or links? Thanks in advance.

How about the classic Old Shale or Feather & Fan as seen here.
It should be fairly adaptable and maybe adding one or two garter st rows between the eyelet rows to make it more border like.

I want to thank whomever sent me the wonderful pattern for the doily in response to this post. It is perfect and I love that doily, will probably make one just like the pattern, too! I’ll be able to take the pattern from the point of 504 sts and add it to my circular/hexagonal, multi-colored afghan. Thanks! I knew you KH posters would be able to help me.

Sorry I deleted my post for some reason. Had a Menopause moment.:doh:
Anyway, glad you like it. Tempted to try it myself.
Link here for anyone else interested.

I understand and I really do appreciate it, such a pretty one! :muah: