Knit dolls

I’ve been enjoying knitting toys for the past several months.
These were made for twin 2 yr old grandchildren. I modeled them to look a little like them (but the real kids are cuter!) The little girl really has curls like these (I got these at Michael’s craft store).

The fair isle sweater was a first…and it took to the second sleeve to get the patten right.

I love the shoes and socks best.

More photos to follow.

How fun are those?! I love them, great work! :cheering:

Very cute!

Wow! Great job! :cheering:
Your kids are gonna love these! :teehee:
I’m looking forward to see your other dolls! :happydance:

Pretty cool. Good work. :frog:

Those are wonderful looking dolls–love the personal details. Do you have a link to the pattern or book title? I’d love to make similar dolls to give as gifts.

The book is called Homemade Beautiful collection of things to make
Cole’s Library of Crafts (I found it in a used bookstore)…
page 106 Ruben and Rosie dolls.

Here’s a bear I made for a cousin’s baby shower gift.

Another book easy to get is Toys to Knit by Tracy Chapman. 2006 Collins and Brown Ltd. I also made a doll from this book. Doll clothes, the elephant and the Teddy bear in the photo above. I made my Teddy look more feminine than the one in the book. Have fun. I sure am.

I made this doll, my first for my daughter’s friend who had a new baby…actually the elephant was for the new baby and the doll for his 2 1/2 yr old sister. She loved it. Started undressing and dressing it immediately, gave it her own name. I do try to make my dolls look like the kids I am giving them too. (Not that this one does much)…

Next dolls being made now are Grandpa and Grandma dolls. I bring a Grandma’s bag of toys and books when I go to visit or babysit and these grandparent dolls and the boy and girl dolls will reside in my bag. They love digging in to see what’s new and what old loved toys are still there. It’s a fun ritual.

Wow! Amazing! :inlove:
You’re so good at making dolls!, I love 'em! :cheering:


Its nice to get feedback…
stay tuned…grandpa doll will get arms tonight and maybe his beard…clothes not far behind…then comes grandma doll!

those are adorable!

Thanks Cristy…
Update on Grandpa doll. He has his long pants finished and have started on his sweater.
In the meantime my 13 yr old grand daughter has requested a doll in her likeness. I may be doing these for years to come!
Enjoying every stitch of the way!

Too Cute!!! GREAT job!!

I finished Grandpa Fred doll yesterday. He still needs shoes and socks.
But today he’ll go with Yaeli doll and Aaron doll to see the real kids for the first time. Next time I should have Grandma Lynn doll finished.

wow! You are amazing! These dolls are awesome.

I love making dolls too. I’m a new knitter and I haven’t tried knitted dolls yet, but I made a bunch of them in crochet for my nieces and nephews. It is so much fun to make them!


Are the little girl dolls in your photo under your name dolls you crocheted?
They look really cute! Hope you post more of your creations too.
Isn’t it fun?

Yes! I made them for my nieces for Christmas. I wanted each dolls to have the girls personalities. I think the dolls came out adorable but my nieces didn’t like them. I was a little dissapointed. I don’t blame them though. They were bombarded with disney princesses at the same time. I can’t compete with disney :teehee: .

I’ve been meaning to put pictures of my work in one of those photo websites. As soon as I do it, I’ll put a link to it so everyone can see.

:hug: :hug: :hug:

I"d love to see a larger photo of your dolls. I think they are adorable and I too like making mine in the likeness of the kids themselves.
Put them away or keep them at your house for when they visit. Then they will be special for special times. I am keeping mine in my “Grandma’s Bag of toys and books” that I take to their house when I babysit and they go through here at my house when they visit. Mine were a little put off by the grandpa doll but loved the ones like themselves.
I’ll try to load photos of them holding their dolls for you (all) to see.
I have to go shrink the photos first then I can load them here. Be back soon. :happydance: