Knit Diagonal stripes?

I want to knit something with diagonal stripes (like a birthday candle). Is there instructions on how to do this or better yet, a VIDEO?

How wide a stripe?

narrow stripes --cast on an even # divisiable by 2
R1:* K2, (MC) K2, (CC) repeat across row (end with CC)
R2: K1(CC) *K2, (MC) K2 (cc) end with K1 MC.
R3: *K2 (CC) K2(MC)
R4: K1 (MC) *K2(cc) K2 (MC)

(you can make the cast on divisible by 3, and make K3 of each color, or divisible by 4 and make it K4

for wider than 4 or at max 5 stitch stripes, you need to change to intarsia, and a ball/bobbin for each stripe color…

if you want to knit a birthday candle into a sweater front, you use the basic pattern, only knit the whole candle as intarsia.

Why not try making a wash cloth as a sample/swatch?
you can work out the kinks/directions there, and get the effect you want on the first try.

here’s a pattern for a diagonal striped scarf; basically you’re knitting on the bias.

Oh! I found a video for diagonal fair isle stripes!

Here it is for ribbing.