Knit collar help

Hey guys! Knitting the collar to a pattern and need a little clarification on the second to last row posted. What do they mean by cross stitching the yo? Also curious why it would say knit 1, then “knit” with nothing further before the parentheses. Thank you for any clarification!!!

I’ve never heard of that before. Usually when they have unusual instructions it says somewhere on the pattern how do it.

What is the name of the pattern and do you have a link?

So sorry! Thought I had posted this :confused:

Check at the beginning of the pattern, perhaps where the smocking pattern is defined, to see if “cross stitch” is also defined. I agree with Jan. It’s likely an increase of some kind to make the ruffle.
The “knit” before the parentheses can be omitted. The pattern will begin and end with k1 p1 and p1k1.

Couldn’t find it in the abbreviations portion and I’ve almost completed the romper sepeartely and hadn’t noticed any additional comments on the collar. Could be lost in translation? So frustrating :frowning:

You might try writing to the designer if you can locate an address.
If that doesn’t work, you could k1p1 into the yarn over or even k1 p1 k1 into the yarn over. I assume that one of the next rows is a bind off so this will give you the little ruffle at the edge.