Knit Challenge!

Pattern section of an Afghan called “Chevron and Feather” calls for 13 sts plus 1 extra to be knit as follows:

Row 1: (RS) *K1, yo, W, k2tog, ssk, k4, yo; rep from * to last st, k1

Row 2: purl.

First, I cannot find the meaning of “W” anywhere (not even in the terms in the book).

Second, I cannot get 13+1 sts to work out in this Row 1 pattern.

WOW! I never knew about erratas… the “W” should be k4. THANKS MUCH!!! :slight_smile:

Have you looked for errata on the pattern? Where is the pattern coming from?

Thanks for any help

Hi and welcome to KH! There might be an error with the pattern…can you give us the book you got it from or website? The name of the pattern? We may be able to search for an errata for you or see if anyone else had issues with the pattern…:thumbsup:

Pattern comes from a book on ‘Easy Afghans’ by Family Circle Magazine.
The original pattern was printed in the magazine in the Fall issue of '04.

Never heard of an errata… The name of the pattern is "Portable Throw’ (designed by Ann Regis). from Family Circle - Fall -04.
What is an irrata?
Thanks for the help!

Since I am new to this (and not very tech savvy) I didn’t even realize your note was a reponse at first. sorry. Thank you for the help.

:thumbsup: there is an errata available.
[B]Chevron and Feather[/B]
[B]Row 1 (RS)[/B] *K1, yo, [U]k4[/U], k2tog, ssk…

errata means an error/mistake in the pattern

How’d u find it?

I went to ravelryand typed in the pattern name and it brought up the info…you can also search with google :thumbsup:

No trouble – knitting, like every craft, has it’s own language. :slight_smile: Do join Ravelry, it’s a great resource for knitters!

Usually you can also find information on the publisher’s website for books and on the magazine website if it’s a pattern from a magazine.

Thank you. Just requested an invitation to ravelry!
I love this place!! :slight_smile:

I do both here and there/Ravelry, as the vids here are life savers and you can always find someone friendly to help you here on the boards as well!