Knit cap sleeve top

Hi everyone. I’m knitting a cap sleeve sweater in Luster Sheen. It’s all rayon in peach color. It’s been so hard for me to find luster sheen they used to sell it every where now I had to go to Ebay and bid on it. Does anyone know where else I can still get it? I love the garments I can make with it, it’s cool and nice to knit. I will share a picture of the top as I finish it, hopefully for next week. I’m working on the front part and to the underarm so far. Decided on cap sleeve to get it done faster. I made my own sketch of what I wanted and followed measurements from the swatch. Have a wonderful knit day. Oh by the way, would you ladies want a picture of what I have knitted so far? This way you can see the yarn. Will take a picture and upload it if you ask. :XY: Rebecca :slight_smile:

Luster Sheen at Spin Blessing :slight_smile:

We’d love to see your progress so far! Post it in the Whatcha Knittin thread. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the site you send me. They don’t have the one I use. It’s not Red Heart it’s COATS AND CLARK. They also sell it in cones. If you find it let me know. I’m still looking. Thanks again. Will take pic of the top I’m making and uploading it in a few min. :XX:

It’s the same yarn. They just sell it under the label Red Heart now. Coats & Clark owns Red Heart. See HERE. Notice it’s at the coats and clark website. :slight_smile:

Hi again silver
I uploaded the top I’m making to the site you told me and now I can’t findi t to view it. HELP.

Hereit is. You posted it as a new topic.

It’s lovely!! :cheering: