Knit button band

Well I am on the home stretch of my first sweater (for my granddaughter). It’s yarnspiration fun and flouncy knit cardigan. For right front edging: withRS facing pick up and knit 46 stitches down the front edge. K 1 row. Next row RS. *knit to button marker yo k2tog repeat from * twice more, k to end of row. K 1 row. Cast off
I’ve done it but I know it’s not right. The problem I see is that once I pick up 46 stitches the next row I knitted was a RS row, so the row that the pattern says is a RS row was a wrong side row when I did it. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong. My head is starting to spin trying to figure this out

I have continued thinking about this. Now I’m thinking that it is saying the stitches I picked up should be knitted and then knit 3 more rows and cast off. If this is it then the neck band and the left band are short a row. Not sure if I should rip them out too and do again or just leave as is.

Very cute little sweater.
For the right front edging, be sure to pick up the sts with the RS facing starting at the neck then knit one row, the WS row. The following row, a RS row will be the buttonhole row.

If you think it looks good then I wouldn’t worry about the extra row on the buttonhole band. It’s likely not noticeable to anyone but yourself and we are often our own worst critics. In fact the extra row is probably a good idea since it will stabilize the buttonhole.

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Ok I have picked up the 46 stitches again top to bottom with right side facing. So all my stitches are on my left needle with working yarn when I’ve completed that task. So when I start knitting this will be a right side row. Have I twisted something around. Should I go with it and knit a RS row, then ws and finally the the button hole row.

Yes, you’re right. Knit the next RS row, then knit a WS row and then work the buttonhole row. I think that’s preferable to working the buttonholes from a WS row.
The pattern is off here. I was wrong in thinking of the row after pick up as a WS row and I do apologize for the confusion. Another row on this band is going to be fine.

No problem. I always appreciate the input. It helps me to learn to try to rationalize how I got to were I was at and then have someone validate the correctness or not of the outcome. I thought the pattern vague at least for my needs. But maybe that’s just me. Thanks for the help!

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I wonder if this is a pattern terminology problem? By my reckoning, you can’t pick up and knit the right front edge, from top to bottom, from the right side. I have come across patterns before that mean the right side of the cardigan as you look at it from the front rather than how it’s is worn! If you work the button band as written on the left side as worn, your second row will be a wrong side row. Would that work better?

You’re right Mel61. You could switch the directions for right and left bands.

For the right front, the directions have you pick up on the right front (this is right front as you wear the sweater) top to bottom but the problem is that the next row is a RS row. The pattern implies that this is a WS row because the following buttonhole row is called RS. That doesn’t work. That’s why you need the extra row or as you suggest, switching left and right side directions (i.e. pick up for right front buttonhole band from bottom to top).

Well the bands are finished. The right side band has one more row than the left to make it work. I doubt it will be noticeable especially since when buttoned the right side is over the left. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. All that’s left to do is sew in the sleeves and weave ends. I will post picture when done. I am so excited.

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