Knit border or fabric backing first?

I asked this on Ravelry but got no answer. I should have known to ask here first! :wink:

So I’m making an afghan and am ready to finish it with an I-cord border and a fabric backing. Does it matter which order I do that in? Do I knit the border first or do I sew on the fabric backing first?

Thanks a million in advance! :muah:

me? i’d use a i-cord cast on, and knit an i-cord side border in place, and then bind off using an i-cord bind off.

then i’d just sew the lining in place.

but since you’ve already knit… do the i-cord edge, block, and prewash lining fabric then sew in place.

Well, this blanket is a Lizard ridge knit in 30 squares and I wasn’t sure how I was going to edge it until recently.

Thanks for your reply though.

Each square is already blocked so I really wouldn’t need to reblock after they are seamed together, right?