Knit Boots - Need Help!

The kit I bought requires you to use a knitting board, which I don’t have! Any Suggestions? Please Help!

If it requires a knitting board then you’re probably going to have to get one. Do you have a link?

Sorry I was vague. The Boot Kit with Suede Soles is by Authentic Knitting Board, the pattern is called “Willobee Boots” and can be found at this website They have a forum as well, but I did not find any helpful threads there. I was hoping someone here has tried these on their own. I have a few ideas, but still need a little advice on where to begin. The suede soles have holes punched around the top of the soles. Thank you so much for the help.

Yeah, in order to do this pattern, you do need a board. It’s designed for that, only. If you’re an experienced knitter, or have a good sense of design, you could make up a pattern yourself. If you are on ravelry, there are tons of boot patterns made for knitting with normal knitting needles.

The board looks fairly easy to make if you’re handy, but really if you bought a knitting board pattern you need to use that to make these. I don’t think there is any other way except to get a different pattern that uses knitting needles. :shrug: