Knit bonnet

Knitted a bonnet.
My first ever.
Knitting is easy to manipulate pattern with any yarn.
I live in India so most patterns made with yarn not available locally and cannot afford also. So what. Twist the pattern to meet gauge
Most important is gauge. Take time to get correct gauge. Rest is easy. Beginning takes time for calculations.

While doing this pattern
Learnt :

  1. grafting
  2. Icord
  3. Made for 0-3 mth. Kept all my calculations for addln 4 sizes

The icord was to be done in 3mm needle. I have only one needle 3.5mm. So made with those. Due to corona courier is slow. Will take atleast 3 months for yarn delivery. No courier guys. :blush::blush::blush:
So just making use of little yarn available with me.

Link to pattern on top

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Still looks good, I really like the vibrant green!

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You’ve done well! The bonnet will look adorable on some lucky baby.

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