Knit birthday card?

i have been invited to a birthday party, and the catch is that you must bring a hand-made birthday card. well, being a knitter (and no good at other crafts), i thought it could be fun to actually knit a card. the party is on friday, so i will probably only have time to do a two-sided card (as opposed to one that opens).

i was thinking of knitting two squares (or rectangles) of the same size, and then sewing up the four sides with a piece of foam-core or some other rigid material in-between. i am not sure what i’ll do for a design yet, but it will probably be something simple, as i am not very experienced in knitting with multiple colors (other than striping).

so, i was wondering if anyone here had ever done such a thing. i found a thread in which people had discussed using a small knit piece as a decoration for a hand-made card, but i couldn’t find anything about cards that were entirely knitted (nothing on google, either).

any suggestions? i was thinking of using stockinette stitch, since the rigid center would prevent any curling after everything is sewn up - does that sound good?

i like it! I would knit the stockinet and then embroider the message! Sounds like so much fun!

i have never embroidered before! do you mean with thin thread or using the same weight yarn that i am using for the actual card? i have a feeling that, since i’ve never done it, it would probably take me more time than i have to do so. i was thinking of doing something via intarsia.

What a cool idea!

I would probably do it on card stock then knit a little swatchy, glue it on there & put something about “close-knit” friends. Simple and sweet!

Let me know how it turns out- however you manage it!

ETA- you could duplicate stitch a message- using a different color of the same weight yarn- just going over top of each stitch until it says or makes the picture you want.

duplicate stitch! that is just what i was looking for - i figured that there was an easy way out there to add “lettering” to knitting without using intarsia, and there it is. thank you so much!

You could print out knitters graph paper for your gauge and then, using colored pencils, map out whatever image(s) or words you intend to place so you know you have sufficient sts. If you make it along the lines of a potholder (pieces joined and then edged) it can be useful later.


I would do it more like a book. I would knit two stockinette squares and so them up, like a spine. Maybe then on the inside you could embroider some flowers. Then center a card with a poem, or some sort of text, maybe that could just be hot-glued?

Anyway, something like that.

What a fun idea…hope you’ll remember to post a picture when you’re done…and share the “here’s how you do it” for us. And tell us what your friend thought of it.

Hand embroidering is not hard. Take a look at this to put on your knitted card

for anyone who is curious, i posted some photos here: