Knit basketball goal toy for toddler

Hope I don’t sound too crazy. My 13 month old love watching people play basketball. I’d like to knit her a basketball goal (not sure if this is the correct term, I mean the basket thingy) to play with. I googled and didn’t find a ready pattern. I’d like to knit one with a bottom. I am thinking maybe I can find a knitted basket pattern and use some mesh stitch for the purpose. I’m not a skilled knitter. So I’d very much like to get some input from this forum. Thanks!

the stitches will be different
but if you just took a size 11 or 13 hat needle
cast on the number of stitches you wanted, and k1, wrap 1 or 2 around
then drop the wraps and Knit the knits and wrap each time around

but I have not seen a pattern yet
I have yet to look