Knit baby blanket

I saw a baby blanket recently with very large stiches and very big yarn not your average size yarn at all. It was very soft looking and stretchy. I didn’t know the person and couldn’t ask questions although now I wish I had. Any ideas on what kind of yarn it may have been, I can assume a larger needle but I have never seen yarn that big. :thinking:

Hi Nannie Sue,

It sounds like some kind of bulky, or super-bulky yarn. I’d ask someone at your local yarn shop.


The yarn shop in my area doesn’t have any bulky or super bulky like the blanket I saw. There is a Michael’s in my area I will check there if not I have to order something online and hope its the one, it was very pretty and again very large stitches but also a very chunky yarn. Thanks for suggestion
I love this site

There’s a free baby blanket pattern at Coats & Clark with large stitches, which uses Baby Clouds yarn. It looks really soft and stretchy to me.

That could be the yarn, but the pattern is different. There are no visible holes this was a close knit stitch and what I could see was some garter stitch and some knit stitch. I’m going to possibly see the woman this weekend and I’m asking. Thanks for the help though, I will keep the site in case thats the yarn.

Let us know if you find out. My curiosity is now piqued. :smiley:

If she has the blanket with her I will take a picture.