knit as stitches appear

this pattern im doing at one point after a SM and before the next SM tells me to continue as the stitches appear till the next SM. but to purl the YO stitches. Im pretty sure its as simple as that but seems I may be over thinking it, just want to be sure im doing the right thing

Yes, just knit the knits and purl the purls :slight_smile:

they all look like purls but ill just do that thank you!! also say a pattern says (k1,YO) twice…do i do the yarn over first then knit or knit the do the yarn over as it says.

Are you on the wrong side row? Can you put a picture of your work up, along with the pattern?

Repeat everythig within the parentheses. So for (k1,yo)twice, you would k1,yo, k1, yo.

I will do that! thanks for ur help