Knit and

I just published a post on my blog on things I like to do. Then I realised that I like to do a lot of things while simultaneously knitting.

So I thought i would ask, what do you like doing while knitting? I would love to here from all of you :slight_smile:

I watch TV as long as it’s not a real complicated pattern. I also like to knit in silence or with music if it’s very soft and is only background noise. Otherwise I get distracted. I seem to be able to tune out the TV better than music.

i put other because my most favoritist thing to do while knitting is be on here, either browsing the forum or chatting with my chatty buds at the chat. :heart:

I put read, but really I’m usually reading and watching tv and maybe even playing warcraft… I’m way too ADHD!!!

I, um, go to class. :teehee: But one of these days I will figure out how to move my mouse telekinetically, and then I will surf the 'net with my needles in my hands. :slight_smile:

I work & knit… Where I work they allow us to knit, read, crochet, etc. while answering the phones & working the computers. But, between calls… or if call is boring…we can knit.

At home… its tv or a movie or dvd.

while i am at home i knit, surf, and watch TV intermittently, but i am rarely home with the two jobs and the volunteer stuff… So I put other because my best just sitting and knitting time is when i am at the theatre watching movies…Just got home from one in fact! :wink:

I like to sit and watch DVDs… mostly seasons of older TV shows (Remington Steele, Hart to Hart, Original and TNG Star Trek, Barney Miller, Addams Family, Columbo, MAS*H, etc.)

If I’m not doing that I like to listen to podcasts, or music.

I do most of my knitting while breastfeeding my son!! :smiley:

I put watch TV. I watch a lot of repeats of shows I’ve seen so many times (Star Trek TNG, Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc…), that I really don’t need to consentrate on them. It’s mainly a background noise. Now there are a few shows DH and I watch together, where I have to knit on something easy, that doesn’t require a lot of counting. I’ve tried to knit while we watch football, but since the Cowboys have made improvements, it’s not easy.

I just stick my needles in my mouth when I need to type or use the mouth. :wink:

I’ve caught myself doing it while at work (I knit at my desk on my lunch break.) I don’t think anyone’s seen me.

how do you do this? i haven’t figured it out yet!

I just stick my needles in my mouth when I need to type or use the mouth. :wink:

I’ve caught myself doing it while at work (I knit at my desk on my lunch break.) I don’t think anyone’s seen me.[/quote]

hahaha thats what I do! :teehee: I knit while using the computer and listening to music or watching tv…just as long as its not lace…:slight_smile:

I assume you mean World of Warcraft? LOL OMG, do I ever play that too much. I love it and my knitting suffers b/c of it (well, what doesn’t suffer b/c of Wow?).

Stephanie <—Not WoW 1137 but wishes to be (or maybe I am… LOL!)

Most of the times I watch tv while I’m knitting, but I also like to listen to music. There has to be some distraction from the knitting, because otherwise it becomes boring really fast. I even knit difficult patterns when watching tv, although I don’t get everything that happens on tv :doh: .

I said other because I don’t watch tv during the day, although I do knit while I’m watching tv at night. I listen to the radio (NPR) during the day if I’m home and while listening to the radio I’m also on the web looking for patterns and yarns or I’m here.

Nadja xxx

I walk the dog


I may be talented but I can’t knit and hold a book to read at the same time! I watch TV while I knit! :happydance:

I don’t see how it’s possible to walk a dog, read or surf the web while knitting! I wouldn’t want to keep putting it down. :teehee:

Hi Jan

Dunno about reading or surfing the net but it’s dead easy walking a dog and knitting.

I just tie the leash around what I like to call my waist and off we go. Sam Pup is very good at carrying the yarn in one of those netty things you get onions in at the supermarket.


I’ll have to get him a [color=red]festive [/color][color=green]bow [/color]to hang around his neck while he’s carrying my ball of wool.

All the Best