Knit and turn, purl and turn - diamond pattern

i am making a felted bag with a very simple diamond pattern. To make the pattern it says p2. Turn. K2 Turn and so on…

What does Turn mean

Turn is what you do when you start the next row. It can also be used when you ‘turn’ your work in the middle when you are making short rows. You just ‘turn’ and then go back the other way.

you turn every 2 or 4 stitches in the same row. The row is 70 stitches long. So I guess you work the same stitches twice?

You work over the same stitches for a while, yes. Then you should start knitting on the sts that are being held. Follow the pattern stitch by stitch and it’ll begin to make sense after a while.

thank you so much. I can always get great help from you knitters!!!