Knit and purl pattern...HELP!

hello to all…so my pattern says to k1, p1 and then repeat ** then to knit the knits and purl the purls…i needed 56 stitches so due to the even numbers i ended with a purl but i can’t seem to purl it to the other needle…did i do something wrong? how do i start off again? i’ve looked this over and over again and just can’t figure it out…i must have gone wrong somewhere…anyone notice anything from the picture?
forever grateful…baby_kittles :knitting:

Did you remember to move your yarn to the back before doing your knit stitches, and to the front for doing your purls? From the pic it looks like you might have some y/o’s there.

Sounds like the pattern is calling for you to make a k1p1 ribbing.

That’s exactly what happened. When you go from a knit to a purl, you need to move your yarn to the front between the needles, do your purl, and then move it to the back between the needles to do the knits.