Knit and pick up stitches on the booga bag

I have a question about the booga bag. A very cute felted purse in Noro Kureyon yarn designed by Julie Anderson. Here is the link to the pattern
In the pattern it says to knit on circular needles in garter for awhile and then pick and knit twisted stitches. All my research on this technique, which I have never done, shows that the stitches are bound off before picking up. But she never says to bind off. Is that just taken for granted that you bind off the stitches or do you not bind off? And if you don’t bind off how do you do this? I’m confused and I would love for someone to help me with this. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Okay, she is giving you directions to pick up stitches on the other three sides of the rectangle. So you are [U][I][B]not[/B][/I][/U] going to bind off the stitches already on the needle.

Essentially, knit the row as described, then take the needle and pick up 16 stitches along the side of the knitting. The tip is that you are picking them up on the side that is closest to the last stitch you just worked.

Then you give a little turn and pick up 34 stitches along the next side (this will be along the stitches you cast on at the beginning), and then up the last side pick up another 16 stitches.

doing the math:

34 stitches already on the needle
+16 from first short side
+34 stitches from cast on edge
+16 from second short side

100 stitches on the needle!

It will seem awkward to pick up the stitches down the side across the bottom and up the other side, at first. Once you start working them in the round, it’ll get easier. I’ve read that some people have used 2 needles to pick up the stitches more easily and then worked them onto the one.

Thank you so much for your advice. It was just the help I needed to get past this setback. I did what you all said and it was pretty easy. Now I’m just knitting round and round eager to felt this puppy up! You guys are knitting genuis’!