Knit and Crochet Afghan

I have been working on what felt like forever to finish an afghan my mom and I collaborated on for my SIL’s sister’s bridal shower. Saturday was her shower and it was a big hit. She seemed to really like it. I was so relieved. I was very nervous waiting for her reaction. :help:

(My photo software isn’t working right…it is freezing up when I try to resize my pictures… :grrr: So if you don’t mind you’ll have to check it out on my blog It’s in the Stitches post.)


Vicki, it is GORGEOUS!!! What a great project… it will be a treasured heirloom!

I resized the picture and uploaded it to your post :thumbsup:

Wow! Great job and how neat that it’s from two people in her life who obviously care so much about her.

Mama Bear

Gorgeous afghan! :heart:

I like the neutral colors and the matching pillows - very nice!

That is just beautiful!!!

It’s beautiful! I’m sure the happy couple will put it to good use :heart:

Oh wow!! :shock: :inlove: That’s gorgeous! :notworthy: :notworthy:

that looks really great. I love it :heart:

As I said on your blog, that is just really, really gorgeous!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Just beautiful! :inlove:

That is just gorgeous!


it seems to be impossible to knit it! :notworthy:

STUNNING!!! I understand why it was a big hit at the shower!!! :cheering:

Fabulous!!! What a great job!!! :cheering:
Gosh to knit something like that is a goal of mine.

Thanks for resizing that and posting it for me!

Simply gorgeous! I’m betting she will treasure it always!