Knit alongs/ swaps etc

Ok, I have found that whenever I visit someone elses blog, they are always doing a KAL, swap, etc. How do you all ever find all of these in time to get entered?? I never seem to stumble onto them until after it is too late.

Help a girl out. I want to be part of all the fun too!!


I’ve just made a habit of clicking on “view posts since last visit” every time I come to the board.

I do that too, but a lot of the things that people are participating in aren’t discussed here. Things like the Mystery shawl KAL, I had never heard of until I found it on someone’s blog. I want to do those things too whining and stomping my feet now, LOL.

Do you mean KALs that are done here, as part of KH, or off-site KAL, like Project Spectrum, Secret Pal 8? I would imagine the off-site KALs are found by googling the pattern name and seeing what comes up.

Project Spectrum is sponsored by Lolly. There are lace KALs and stashbusting KALs.

I would say google away to see what you can find!

Here are a couple that you can get in on NOW. (This one closes today.) (another "mystery’ KAL you are given a few lines a day.)

Some time at the end of the summer will start up.

Hmm…that’s all I know abou that are open now that aren’t part of KH.

I googled knit alongs and found this list for 2006 kal’s.
Perhaps it’s just me…I’m more comfortable doing a swap type of thing here, with people that I know…I’ve been burned a bit doing it with very anonymous people…and I don’t mean to reflect badly on any of these off KH swaps, I’m sure that they are great, that was just my experience, and my 2 cents :wink: .

Thanks for that KAL link Rebecca, it is great!

Where is the “view posts since last visit”? I can’t find it, but I would love to start using that. I miss so much stuff too!

It should appear at the top of the first fourms page, on the upper right hand corner. (I hope this helps!)

gracias, gracias!!! :cheering:
it’s my new favorite link!

Yay!! Thank you thank you. That’s just what I was looking for!! How do you know about these??

Yay!! Thank you thank you. That’s just what I was looking for!! How do you know about these??[/quote]

I am part of the stitch marker exchange, secret pal 8 and the dish cloth. I debated joining the shawl one but have too many projects that need to be finished first.

Dn’t forget… You can always join in one of the KALs right here at KH!. We’re pretty relaxed about them, too, anyone can pretty much join whenever they want to. And I always have a link to the Monthly Challenge in my signature (along with my cheering minions, of course!)

OH, Hilde…you are the :cheering: :cheering: Best

I sense that Hilde’s sig line is about to get longer! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Cheering minions… :rofling:

Oooh, check out sara with all the high-tech photoshopping… :wink:

Hildie, I agree, you ARE the best.


I’d hardly call it high tech! It was a cut and paste into MS Paint! :wink:

and yes, Hildie is the best!

if you check out secret pal 8 for example, they usually post when the next one will begin as the current one is ending.

Thanks all!! I will certainly be signing up for SP9. Looks like tons of fun.