Knit all knits, Purl all purls?

I just need to make sure I know exactly what this means. It’s in the instructions for a cable. This is not the pattern I’m using, but it has the same instruction in it, just so you know exactly what I mean.

Does it mean that a stitch that was knitted on the right side will be knitted on the wrong side, and likewise with the purl stitches? Kinda like in seed stitch?

I thought it would be more if it was knit on the right side, it would be a purl on the wrong side…

Please correct me if I’m wrong…

I am 99% sure that you should knit the knits and purl the purls as they face you… :thumbsup:

Kelly’s right. Once you turn your knitting and you’re about to work on the next row, look at the work. If there’s a knit stitch facing you, knit it. If there’s a purl stitch facing you purl it. Don’t confuse yourself by thinking about what you did on the last row since everything is reversed and you’re working in the opposite direction.

Okay, sorry, I’m still confused. Say, for example, my last stitch of the previous row was a knit stitch. Will it be a knit or a purl on the opposite side?

As you knit that last stitch on the previous row, you automatically are making a purl on the back, right? Once you turn your knitting, treat it like a purl and purl it.

For the first few rows it might be difficult to see the knits and purls, but as you get further along in the pattern, it will become obvious.

Thanks. That makes perfect sense now. :thumbsup: