"Knit across" - I don't understand!

Hi - I am a newbie to knitting and to forums - so please excuse me if I am not doing it quite right.

I have knitted 4 tea cosies which have been relatively easy - stocking stitch and k2tog decreasing - knitting two identical sides and sewing them together - I could follow that pattern without a problem.

I have now moved on to a more complicated pattern - again knitting two sides but this time in P1 k1tbl - on one row followed by a knit row.

I have now come to the part where it tells me :
[B]With RS facing, knit across all sts from both sides[/B]
followed by Knit 1 row then K2tog along next row
I have no clue what to do!
I am presuming this joins the two sides together and then the shaping takes place - however - I did what I thought was right and the two sides were joined but straight across, therefore not allowing it to take shape as a dome once sewn together.

Would be grateful for some help please!
Thank you in advance :knitting:

Welcome to KH. Tea cozies sound like a fun knit! You’re making great progress with your knitting.

I think you’re right that you’re to join the two pieces with one row of knitting. The ktog decreases on the 2nd row following will pull it in.

What’s the name of your pattern? Is it online so you can post a link (allowed after your first post) for us to look at just to be sure? If you feel that posting a picture of your WIP (work in progress) would be useful you could post it in this thread. We’d love to see pictures of you FOs (finished objects) and the What’cha Knittin’ forum is for that.