Knit a Yarn Over Space

Hello, I am making a sweater and have created a pattern using yo. My instructions now state to put the right needle in the yo space of the 5th row and knit it. I have been trying to figure this out for a couple hours and do not understand this. Are you able to help me out. I am a beginner at knitting. Thank you, Linda

Was the 5th row the one where you created the yarn over?

If that’s the case, you would put your needle into the yarn over on the other needle and knit it, just like you would for any other stitch. It might seem awkward because it’s looser, and it will create a hole, but it’s supposed to. After doing it a few times, it will seem easy. :slight_smile:

You knit a YO just like you would any stitch. It’s supposed to leave a hole.

Hello, thank you for your reply. The yo is in the 5th row. After I knit 12 stitches on the 9th row, I am then to insert my needle into the first yo space of the 5th row and knit it. Does this mean that I pick up the loop in the yarn over space and knit it. The pattern also indicates that I am to then repeat for first space of 3rd and next 4 yo-spaces. Thank you once again for your help, I apprecitae it. Linda

Just stick the needle into the space and knit it. Is there a multiple YO on the previous row, like YO 2 or 3 times? Or are they separate YOs? What’s the pattern and do you have link to it or to a picture.

Thanks again, I must be missing something here - it sounds so simple but I can not figure it out. Normally my stitches are on the left needle and I knit the stitch from the left needle onto the right. Do you think that I am to pick up something from the yo space with the right needle and then insert the left needle as to knit and then knit this? I have tried to pick up a loop of yarn in the yo loop and knit it this way, but it is not right.

My 5th row is K6,*k1,k2tog,yo,k5,yo,ssk,k1,k6:repeat from * to end of row.

9th row is k6,*k6, insert right hand needle into first yo-space of 5th row and knit it, leaving long loop on needle, repeat for first space of 3 row and the next 4 yo-spaces,k5,k6: repeat from * to end of row.

If you are able to figure this out, would you be able to tell me which needle I am using and what I am picking up if I am picking something up. Please provide very elementry instructions. Thanks so much.

I do not have a picture of this to send you as I am at my cabin using my lap top. The sweater is Auction Morning Cardie from Twelve Months of Knitting by Joanne Yordanow. The yo’s form a v over 5 rows. There are 2 v’s on each side of each front at -the bottom. The v’s have long loops of yarn extending upward from the yo space - this is where I am stuck, creating the long loops of yarn. Hope this is not too confusing. Thanks again, Linda

Ahhhh…I think I understand what you are asking now…let me ask you this first. Do the stitches look something like the ones in this shrug?

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a good look.)

Yes, they look like that in a way. The loops in my sweater seem to be longer and the loops are over the the 5 stitches that I previously knit between the yo’s - as in row 5. Hope my description is not unclear. Thanks again for working with me.

It’s clear. :slight_smile:

What your going to do is similar to knitting in a row below, but instead it will be several rows below, and you’ll be putting your needle into the yarn over space instead of a stitch.

Here’s how it works:

Make sure you have your yarn in back.

Insert your needle front to back into the yarn over space.

Pull the working yarn up and knit it, putting it onto the needle (whichever needle your stitches would normally be knit onto.)

You do knit from the left needle onto the right, and you are going to “knit” this stitch just like you would any other stitch, except to do the things above. (I hope that makes sense!)

I think what may be confusing is where it says “leave the long loop on the needle”. And what is throwing me is this part:

“repeat for first space of 3 row”

Should that be “first space of 3rd row”, and do you also have yarn overs on the 3rd row?

Okay, thank you. On my right needle are 12 stitches already knit. So I keep the yarn in the back and then put my right needle into the first yo space of the 5 row. Got this. I am not sure what ‘Pull the working yarn up and knit it’ means. So, I have put my right needle into the yarn over loop - front to back, my yarn is now up front. There is a bit of a twist of stitches on my right needle - due to inserting my needle into the 5th row. I now take the yarn(which is now in the front), put it back around the right needle (in order to knit and not purl) and knit the stitch on the left needle - moving the stitch to the right needle. Therefore i am not increasing. I now have a twisted clump on the right needle with one normal knit stitch after the clump. I think I did something wrong again. Are you able to determine where I went wrong? I appreciate it.

Yes, the third row is k6,*k2,k2tog,yo,k3,yo,ssk,k2,k6:repeat from * to end of row.

It sounds like you already grabbed the yarn and brought it up with your right needle. That’s what I meant by pull up the yarn.

I realized I could have made it clearer though.

So after you “grab” the yarn and pull it through the yarn over and up, put it on the left hand needle, then knit it like you would a regular stitch.

If the stitch is twisted when you put it on the needle, you can either untwist it before you knit it, or you can knit it through the back loop to untwist it.

Thank you so much. I have successfully knit the first yo space. I will work on the others. Thanks again for taking so much time to help me figure this out, I really appreciate it. I may send another note if I have a problem with the other yo spaces. Bye for now. Linda

You’re welcome. I’m glad you were able to make it work. :slight_smile:

Hello, I am back again…another question regarding these few rows. Beginning at row 9 I have 40 stitches on my needle, (the cast on amount). The instructions in row 9 state to knit 6 yo spaces at two places - as I have indicated above. Therefore, I am adding 6 stitches on 2 times - a total of 12 new sttiches. Here is the next row - Row 10, *P6, P5, P6tog:repeat from * to end of row. So 2 times in row 10 I am purling 6 together. When I purl 6 together I am really only decreasing 5 stitches - 2 times - so a total decrease of only 10 stitches - not 12 (that I added on in row 9). When I finish row 10 I have 42 stitches not 40. The pattern continues to read as though I have 40 stitches and not 42. Would you kindly review row 9 to verify that I am indeed adding on 6 stitches 2 times - total 12. Would you also review row 10 and confirm to me that I am decreasing a total of 10 and not 12. If this is the case, do you think there would be any problem in purling 7 together rather than 6 in order to keep 40 stitches on my needle and not 42.

P.S. 42 would not be a problem overall, however, I am repeating this pattern a few more times on the front panel and will end up with 45 stitches instead of 40 if I do not change something. Thanks in advance. Linda

Which pattern is it? Or can you post rows 9 and 10?

From what you did post, it [I]sounds [/I]like you are doing it right. What is the name of the pattern? Did you happen to look it up online to see if there are any errors in the pattern that have been corrected?

Thank you ladies,

Here is row 9 - 9th row is k6,*k6, insert right hand needle into first yo-space of 5th row and knit it, leaving long loop on needle, repeat for first space of 3 row and the next 4 yo-spaces,k5,k6: repeat from * to end of row.

Here is row 10 - Row 10, *P6, P5, P6tog:repeat from * to end of row.

I am not certain how to seach a pattern online for errors. The name is Auction Morning Cardie by joanne yordanou, I have searched “Auction Morning Cardie & Joanne Yordanou” online but have not found any reference to this particular pattern. I have emailed this lady and have not received a reply. If you have any directions on how to search a pattern online for errors, I would appreciate this. Thanks again, Linda

Is it in a book or magazine? You might be able to find it on the publisher’s site.

On row 9, for your size, how many times are you repeating the instructions between the asterisks?

It is a book titled " Twelve months of knitting" - published January 08. I checked the website and there are a few corrections for other projects but not this one.

I am repeating row 9 one time. Thank you.

I found a picture on Ravelry - It’s in the book Twelve Months of Knitting and I found the errata for the book, but none for this pattern.

I somehow think you’re interpreting the pattern incorrectly. On row 5, you’re not adding any stitches - the decs (k2tog/ssk) balance out the YOs, so you would have the same number of sts. When you get to Row 9, you put your needle all the way down to the YO hole in Row 5 and knit it. You’re adding only 1 st by making a st in the YO from row 5. You start with 40, k6, then rpt - k6, make a st, k5, k6 - which uses 40 and only makes 2 sts so you should end up with 42. Did you type Row 10 correctly - there’s a p6tog, or should it be p3 tog? I don’t see how you can dec 12 sts from 42 and end up right.