Knit a Hat

I am trying to understand how to knit a hat.

As the pattern below mentioned :
’Knit 9 repeats of the braid, or until the cables band measures 22 inches.’ , and the Crown: pick up and knit 72 sts., etc

I just can’t figure out how did you have 72 sts pick up if have 9 repeats of the braid.
Each repeat have 12 rows. If 9 repeats, I would assume it has total 108 sts pick up.

Here is my question., if I customize my own fitting on the cable band, then how many pick up sts I need to pick up and how to do the decrease round etc?


Pick up 2sts for every 3 rows along one edge of the cable panel.

If you’re going to change the size of the hat by changing the length of the braid, you could still try picking up 2sts for every 3 rows and see how that goes. As for decreases, look for a number that divides evenly into the total stitch number. Use the decrease instructions in the hat as an example. (I haven’t registered for Craftsy so I can’t see the pattern itself.)

Does that mean the pick up sts and decrease number all will be different than what the pattern stated, if I try to customize the braid?

If you try to substantially lengthen or shorten the braid, yes the picked up sts and decrease interval will change. It’s all possible, however.