Knit a circle pattern?

How do you figure out a pattern to knit a circle? I would like to start with about a 3 to 4 inch diameter. Garter stitch is fine.

Here is a pattern for a circular baby blanket. If youi don’t want the eyelets, just do a different, more invisible increase than the yo, like a MIL or MIR.

I am trying to just knit a circle…about 3 to 6 inch in diameter…
I am thinking cast on 3…do a KFB to increase each row…then a few rows of straight knitting, before doing a decrease…
How does that sound??

I think you’ll want to alternate increase rows with regular knit rows (no increases), otherwise you’ll end up with more of a ruffle than a flat circle. I think once you get to your desired diameter, you can just bind off, you wouldn’t need to decrease, otherwise you’d end up curling in the edges like a bowl.

And bind off very loosely (use a needle a size or two larger) or the edge may cup in.


do you mean something flat like a tablecloth?
or a shere like a ball

just small knitted circles…in garter stitch. about 3, 4, 5, or 6 inch diameters…probably with about a 7,8 , or 9 size needle…