Knit 6 together?

I am working a Bernat Soy scarf pattern that says K6tog. This is impossible to get the needle around and thru 6 stitches. Anyone???
My first time on this site, not sure how to use it or to respond etc…bear with me please.
This part of the pattern reads: K2.[(yfwd. K1) twice. K1. K6tog. (yfwd. K1) 3 times] 3 times. K2.
I am fairly new to knitting… I cast on 40 stitches, knit 3 rows then this, and after this part I still should have 40 stitches so there should be no decrease… am I missisng something???

Wow…that would be hard. How about using a crochet hook to do it. It will be awkward and slow no matter how you do it, but I think there’s less chance of dropping a stitch with the crochet hook. I haven’t tried it though.

Are there increase in the same row or the row before it? If it’s on the row before it, and they’re someting like k yo k yo k yo then it helps if you make the YOs very loose. Do you have a link to the pattern? Can’t find one on Bernat’s site.

If it’s really knit 6 together, you can knit 3 together (or 2 if it’s too awkward). Slip that stitch back to the left tip and pass the rest of the stitches that should have been included over the stitch you made. Then slip it back to the right point.

Hi, I just checked and sorry, I had the wrong pattern maker. It is on the Mary Maxim site pattern 0081. Could you still help me please. It really is a pretty pattern and I would like to try it if I can.

Searching the site for #0081 doesn’t bring up any knitting patterns. We need more ‘clues’ here - the accessory patterns has a dozen pages of free patterns.

Sorry for the confusion. I found this pattern at, log in
Free patterns
Knit patterns
Accessories Knit patterns
in search box type 0081
she pops up in her scarf with the pattern
or if you go to page 7 she is (black & white photo) center, 2nd row
hope this helps, it really is a pretty pattern, thanks for your time

Ingrid, I just saw this method on an episode of Knitting Daily and I think it’s a wonderful tip. Thanks for suggesting it.

Okay found it, basically you just need to keep the sts in the previous row loose, and possibly do as Ingrid suggests - k3tog, slip that st back to the L needle and lift the next 3 sts over it, then put the st over to the R needle.

Thank you so much. I would never have figured that out. Happy New Year and Happy Knitting…