Knit 3 together

Hi -Hope someone can give me some hints on this. I have tried to find a video of an easier way to knit 3 together other than simply putting the right needle into the 3 stitches on the left, and knitting them together. There is a video on You tube called “Knit 3 Together My Way” but I can’t tell what’s going on.

Any ideas or other videos you know about?

Until then, I’ll knit 3 together the traditional way.


In a nutshell, your doing a double decrease. The pattern might be effected if you sub a double decrease but…

you could slip one k2tog and pass the slipped stitch over…(psso)

or one of these…

theres others too but these will get ya where you want.

I would definately make sure your not messing up the pattern by subbing tho.
But you are not alone on the “wanting an easier way to double decrease”

Hope this helps

Yes, it’s a right leaning double dec though and sk2p is more of a left leaning one.

You can k2tog, pass the st back to the left needle, slip the next st over it, then slip it to the R needle.

You can use a crochet hook to pull the loop thru. Then slide it onto the right needle. I often have to use one with K3tog.