Knit 3 times twice?

Now commence thumb gusset:
1st row: Patt across [B]24[/B] sts then k1, [B]then k 3 times twice into next st[/B] and k to end.

Okay, does this mean:
Do the pattern stitches for 24 stitches, [B]then knit 3 times in the next stitch and then 3 times in the next stitch after that (twice?),[/B] then knit to the end of row??

I have no idea what ‘knit 3 times twice into the next stitch’ means.

THANK YOU for any help on this.:heart:

Those are weird directions. :think: I’d take it to mean 3 into the next two stitches each. Otherwise they’d have said to knit 6 into the next stitch, which would be a real pain.

then k 3 times twice into next st
Very poorly written. Ingrid is probably right. I hope the rest of the pattern is better.

If I posted the link to the pattern correct, you can see the whole pattern.
I think it’s a vintage pattern from some magazine.


Depending on how many stitches are on the needle (aka how much of a pain in the butt it would be) you could also count the stitches in the next pattern row. Knitting 6 stitches into one would yield an increase of 5 stitches. Knitting three stitches into each of the next two would yield an increase of 4 stitches.


[B]Thank you.[/B]
So, basically, this stitch is considered an increase stitch?


It would be on that row if there’s no dec sts. The next row may have decreases that would take the stitch count back to where you started.

IMHO - Since the twice twice is actually in parenthesis it is the instruction for the larger size. In other words, you would knit three times into the next stitch and knit to end for the size 5-7. Sizes 8-10 and 11-13 you would knit twice into the next stitch and knit to the end.

I believe you are correct!

When I looked back at that part of the pattern, it does have the other sizes in parentheses.


I was just rushing over here to say that, too!