Knit 1, Purl 1 - now how do I decrease?

Hi all! I’m making a hat, and I’ve “knit 1, purl 1” all the way around. Now how do I decrease? Is there a specific stich, or stiches, I should be using? Help!

Is the entire hat k1p1 or just the edge? If it’s just the edge then you need to continue knitting till it’s long enough before decreasing. To help with decreasing we also have to know how many you’ve cast on.

Sorry - I guess that information would be helpful!! :slight_smile: I’m knitting in the round using double-pointed needles. Each needle has 30 stiches on it. I’m not decreasing the ribbing, but rather am at the top of the hat and need to decrease it to finish the project. Hopefully this is enough information!! THANKS!!

This site has a good decrease formula.

So I won’t be able to keep the k1p1 going as a decrease? I should change to k1? Just checking to make sure I do it right this time! I keep ripping it out. :frowning:

I misunderstood. Sorry!

What you can do for ribbing, I’ve read, is to k3 tog or p3tog on your decreases so you reduce a k,p,k to a k or a p,k,p to a p.

I don’t know the exact formula to make it perfectly even, but with 90 stitches on the needle, you could try rib 7, work 3 tog, rib for 2 rows, then rib 5, work 3 tog, rib 3, work 3 tog, etc., that might work.

Thanks Ingrid!! Do you think this would hold true if this isn’t the ribbing, but rather at the top of the work? Do I even understand all this terminology? :frowning:

If the entire hat is in ribbing–k,p,k,p or then you’d do the k3 or p3 together.

If you did ribbing on the edge and then started just knitting for the rest of the hat, then you’d work the decreases as on the other site.

k8, k2 tog all the way around
k2 rows even
k7, k2 tog all the way around
k2 rows even

Keep going with this until you have about half the stitches left and then k2tog all the way around, with a knit row in between.