Knit 1 purl 1 in yarnover-attn: Ingrid

ok, I have a purl yarnover and on the next row I knit and pearl into the same stitch, after I knit, I pearl and I end up with 3 stitches instead of 2?
Any ideas?

Are you moving the yarn forward to purl or are you inadvertently making an yo when you do the purl? I think that might be it.

I knit into the yarnover, full knit stitch without dropping the yarnover from the needle, then I bring the yarn to the front, insert the needle back under the yarnover stitch and purl it. Somehow I am getting an extra twist of yarn in there.

:thinking: I just did it on a bit of knitting I have, and got 2. Is your yarn in back when you do the first knit? :??

yes I knit into the yarnover, pull the yarn to the front of the needle, place my needle back through the empty space of the yarnover, under the yarnover yarn and purl. ??

When you say under the yarnover yarn, do you mean the yarn you put to the front to purl? The needle should be above that. I took some pics.

Thanks ingrid, I think I figured it out, I was trying to purl over the top of the yarnover, instead of JUST BRINGING THE SKEIN YARN OVER THE NEEDLE ITSELF. This is how I was ending up with 3 stitches instead of two.