Knit 1, bind off 4, knit 1

I attempting to make a felted bowl. The first instructions say to K1, *bind off 4, K1; repeat for *.

How is this accomplished? I’d appreciate any help!

Do just that… knit a stitch, BO the next 4 sts, then knit one more, BO 4 sts, k1, etc… you should be left with 2 sts on the needle with 4 st spaces between them.

I understand to k1 but then when you go to bind off and that is where i get a little mixed up. I think you need to knit 2 then slip the first stitch over the second and do this 4 times but then I am still left with one stitch. Do I slip that stitch back on the left needle to then do the next k1 or is it just concidered the next k1. I hope this makes sence.


You are binding off correctly, but I don’t think you are doing it the correct number of times. Yes. . .you will have a st left on the needle after you bind off and this should be counted as one of the sts you have left. So if you have two plus the one on the needle, do it again b/c you will have one too many. If you have one after you bind off and one more then you are fine. Count that one left from bindinf off as one of the live sts you are supposed to be left with in your count.

When you BO, yes, knit 2 sts, then pass the 1st st over the 2nd one, then knit 1 more and pass the st over until you’ve passed 4 sts over. There’s still a st on the right needle, but you need to knit another 1. Then knit 2 and pass the st over to bind off. As I said, you’ll have the very first st you knit, then a space where 4 sts are bound off, then 2 sts (one from the loop of the last BO st and the k1) then another space from the 4 bound off sts.

Thank you for all the help. I am going to give that a try. And see what happens. I’m really having trouble with this pattern. Thanks for info…