Knifty knitters?

i just bought this knifty knitters loom set and made an adorable hat for my baby cousin!!! but does any body here know of any other patterns that i could use besides the hat pattern included in the package???

i know they sell other patterns separate but i didnt feel like paying extra.
You might want to try this site.

I found these sites

There are actually plenty of sites including Provo’s site.

woooowwwww thanks everybody that really helped!!!1

I’m going to have to check out some of these sites too…

I think those things are really neat but rather pricy.

I saw something really cool! If i could knit and could afford it ($60 something) I would get it. It was an interchangeable needle set. It had a bunch of different guages but the points had a screw on thing so your straight needle could become a set of circular needles. of a different guage. So it was really neat. I don’t know if it equaled how much each set of needles would be but it was pretty neat. I hadn’t seen the figure 8 ones, just the round ones and a straight long one

uh nevermind everyone talked about this already, sorry.

it is way cheaper to buy the interchangeables than to buy individual sets. and you can get them cheaper than $60 too. for example right now HObby Lobby has all of their needles and knitting supplies at 50% off. should end tomorrow but the sale comes around all the time. the set would cost about $30 right now. I got both my sets (these are all Boye sets i am talking about btw) off ebay for less than $40 shipped.

And you can get the Denise sets for less than $50 all over the place. I have two sets of the Boyes and am getting a set of Denises for Christmas! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Do they have them anywhere else? Unfortunately I boycott hobby lobby due to their sale of fur and due to the letter I received when I wrote them about it. It is such a nice store, and the associates are nice. I wish they didn’t sell fur!
I think I have Boye needles.
I saw some really pretty bamboo needles. What kind of needles do you all like best? I think my cast on is really tight so the aluminum slides.
Ebay sounds good. It is worth it to get the interchangeables???(for those who have them)

Pamela…you may want to check out THIS THREAD that is ALL about interchangeables. SEVERAL of us have them and lots of folks ask questions about them, so we “stuck” a thread at the top of the General Forum to discuss the pros/cons of the different brands.