Knifty knitter

My daughter just gave me one of those knity knitter looms, one straight one and a set of round ones. Does anyone have any knitting pattern for these?:slight_smile:

Those things always intrigue me when I’m looking around JoAnns, I don’t think I’d even have the first clue how to use one though hehe. I know my grandfather was big into knitting with things like that and using looms, but he’s been gone for a long time… so sadly I can’t ask him.

These got me started…instructions and free patterns; it doesn’t get any better than that!:happydance:

Here are some:

You will LOVE the KK looms. I bought the round looms since I wanted to make hats and socks. The circular needles confused me, lol. Sadly, I’ve been neglecting my poor knitting needles.

I found a book of patterns at my local library.