Knifty Knitter

[color=darkblue]Received a Knifty Knitter set of round looms for Christmas. I think I understand what it does. Are such looms intended for children? What special purpose/use does it serve for a knitter, if any?


The yahoo groups site is under maintenance right now but there is a Knifty Knitter Yahoo group you may want to join.
Many gals love them. I got them for Christmas too but haven’t had time to play.

My sister in law received one for Christmas…they make tubes. Specifically, hats, although, you can make alot of other stuff too (leg warmers, arm warmers on the small loom, scarves on the bigger…I guess… :?? )

They do make knitting a hat go by much faster, so if you are a charity knitter, this could come in handy.

My sister in law made a hat in 1 1/2 hours for her large-noggined hubby, on her first attempt at it.


My mum bought one of these for my son for Christmas (ok I told her too because I wanted to try it out :teehee: ) I’ve knit two hats on it - they both took approx 2 hrs - (my first hats!) … unfortunately we only have one size - the red one) so the hat only fits my son … maybe I will buy the bigger one so they will fit me :shrug:

I have 3 complete sets, the original, the long rectangle and the worsted weight. They can be used for flat knitting AND round knitting. The long rectangle and the worsted weight set can be used for flat double-knitting as well as flat and “in-the-round” pieces.

Another user here, Joel, used the long rectangle to make an afghan out of several double-knitted panels. It was lovely.

My 8 year-old-daughter learned to knit on them, and she loves them. I have also recommended them in the past for folks who would have trouble keeping stitches on regular needles, like the elderly and those with arthritis.

There are videos on the site to teach you how to use it.

The round Knifty Knitters can also be used to create flat pieces. I made a scarf in moss stitch on one.

The DecorAccents web site has patterns for the KK’s as well as selling their own looms in various gauges. You could look at their web site to see examples of what can be made on the KK’s.