Knewbie knitting question

I realize this is a very silly question but I am asking it anyway. Do you usually keep your yarn in a skein, ball, or hank, or do you usually roll them all up in balls? It seems everywhere I read it mentions a ball of yarn but not the other two.

Thank you for answering
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Skein and ball are used interchangeably, so are skein and hank. A hank has to be wound into a ball to be used, but it’s better not to do that until you’re about to use it. A loaf type skein and a ball come that way from the store and you don’t need to do anything else to them. Most patterns I’ve seen refer to skeins, but it may depend on the country the pattern comes from.

No question is silly! This is a good one.:thumbsup:

Ball is kind of a generic term which can be confusing. It usually refers to any yarn that is wound into a ball (round) or a cake (round and flat on top and bottom).

A hank of yarn is in a twist. If the yarn is in a hank you need to wind it somehow because its almost impossible use without it. . Some people do it by hand and some use a ball winder. A ball winder turns out little cakes of center pull balls. You can also pull from the outside if you prefer. Some yarns need to be used from the outside.

A skein is is the yarn that comes with the wrapper around the middle and can be used as center pull or outside pull. Wether you rewind is personal preference.

I don’t have a ball winder (yet) so I wind my own center pull balls. Mine come out surprisingly close to a ball winder shape. I use the video on the bottom of this page.

Nice wool usually comes in a hank, which must be wound into a ball. Most of my yarn is Walmart, Hobby Lobby, or Joann’s stuff in a skein. I like the acrylics for charity and baby knitting, but I’m also in love with Woolease wool/acrylic blend from Lion brand. I’ll admit, I’m lazy and pull it directly from the skein. When it gets down to the end, tangles, and is hard to work with, then I’ll roll it up into a ball out of frustration.

Normally I have skeins of yarn. I like to roll my skeins into balls, because many years ago I was crocheting from just a skein, and had so many tangles in it. After that, my Dad actually taught me how to roll yarn into balls. I haven’t stopped since!!

They don’t need to be pretty, just functional and roll well. Obviously, you don’t want something elliptical. But it’s perfectly acceptable to have a Frankenball. Nobody but you will see it anyway.