Knew Knitter Knows Knothing

When I was just a little girl, my grandmother taught me the KNIT stitch. That’s all I ever took with me through my life and while, on several occasions, I tried to teach myself to purl (my grammie said it was just the reverse of knit) I was unsuccessful. It seemed clumsy and I just couldn’t get the mechanics down.

Last week, I got the mechanics down and thought I was on my way, but there’s apparently something I’m still doing wrong. My yarn wraps from outside the knitting to the inside, creating a “gobbing” effect. I get a wrapped up gob when I combine knit/purl stitches. I do great if I knit a whole row or purl a whole row. It’s when I have to combine them in the same row that I have a problem.

I figure my problem to be in either technique or maybe even how I hold the yarn or even where the yarn is placed. I also wonder if I’m not naturally combining one style of knit with the other style of purl.

I do so badly want to learn to do this right – I’ve so enjoyed what I’ve done to this point and I’m finding it has tremendous calming and therapeutic value after a long day of those pompous “Y” chromosomes I work for.

Tell me. Is there any hope for me?

Of course there’s hope!!

Have you watched Amy’s purling video?? She’s a fantastic teacher, and she won’t make fun of you if you have to try again and again…and again. :mrgreen:


That’s good news!

Yes, I’ve been watching the videos (didn’t know they were there when I posted this message).

It appears that I’m holding yarn all wrong and need to re-teach myself using the video as a guide – both knitting and purling.

Can’t believe how quickly I’ve become an addict…

It’s bad enough that I’m a gardening addict who is not allowed at the garden store without adult supervision. Now this!


It’s scary how fast the addiction sets in. Pretty soon you’ll wonder where that huge stash of yarn came from! :rollseyes: :mrgreen:

Already there.

I have 3 one pound skeins, and 4 smaller ones.

Sitting there, innocently enough, but with the rest of th family walking by, eyebrows raised.

I think I heard my son humming the theme from “Twilight Zone” as he passed by me last night.


Especially watch the video on SEED STITCH. That knit/purl combo is exactly what you may be looking for!

You should probably stay away from Knitpicks then… :eyebrow:

That was very helpful – wondering, however, how I would find individual videos that aren’t basic techniques? For example, I looked for this video and didn’t find it, other than the link you provided.

But then again, I’m heavily into MENTALpause, so…


If you click on “basic techniques” look for the link that says “and more…” at the far right. That’s where they’re hiding. :wink:

you can also get the vogie knitting book that helped me alot and it is a good book to keep even if you knitted for 10 years sometime you just for get a little stitch… LIKE MYSELF it is always nice to have when you don’t have the computer handy… and stitch and bitchs books are also good and they have very good projects when you get that far in the book Jenifer

I think my problem is (okay, THIS specific problem, among many others) that I’m a visual learner. I can’t learn something new from a book that involves multiple steps.

The videos were just the ticket!

When I was 13 I learned to knit with yarn in my right hand. I did knit a few small things during my teen years, but I never liked it that much at that time. Later I learned to crochet where I learned to hold the yarn in my left hand. When I went back to knitting, it seemed easy to stay with yarn in my left hand. However I never really learned how to knit continentally. I was still wrapping yarn around the needles. Never did knit much that way though.

Just recently I’ve begun knitting prayer shawls for people who would benefit from them. At first I began knitting my previous method which wasn’t working as well as I wanted. I read stuff all over the internet and fortunately stumbled upon Amy’s website–here. I watched the videos and was amazed at how much I learned. The videos make things so clear; much more so that reading directions and looking at illustrations. Knitting suddenly became easier and more fun.

Now I’m addicted. I’m a real continental knitter now. I can hardly stay away from knitting long enough to do anything else!!! I look at yarn in stores and on the internet and I want to buy it ALL! There are tons of internet yarn stores I’ve bookmarked to check new yarn sales. I watch the local newspaper for sales on yarn in stores around town.

Well after a while of watching many of Amy’s videos, I decided I couldn’t live without the CD so I bought it. All of this work she did definitely deserves some financial support and now I can watch the CD videos from “home”.

So I understand completely the addiction. I can’t understand how I ever got along without knitting…

I think my problem is (okay, THIS specific problem, among many others) that I’m a visual learner. I can’t learn something new from a book that involves multiple steps.

Milindoe, I can so relate. I can pick up just about anything which someone shows me, but give me an instruction booklet, and it might as well be written in a foreign language. Honestly, I don’t know how I ever got through school! I think I must have just memorized everything. :shock:

When I found Amy’s video’s; overnight, I went from a frustrated wannabe knitter, to someone who actually knits! :cheering: I’m still very much a newbie and struggling, but that is only because I don’t understand what patterns are telling me to do most of the time. :?? I bought Amy’s videos on CD, too, which has helped a bunch. It’s easy to go straight to the video I want to see over and over and over and …well, you get the picture. :mrgreen: