Knee Warmer?

Hi y’all. A while back, I saw a knee warmer pattern somewhere. I’ve since teased my daughter about it since we knew she would be having knee surgery. Dd makes fun of my knitting, so we’ve had this banter going back and forth.

She is now trying to get me to let her do something, and as a bribe, she’s offering to let me make her a knee warmer for her now-operated on knee. She has also said she would wear it at school for one day. :teehee:

Anyone have a pattern? I’m asking because I’m in the midst of college classes and don’t have a huge amount of time to search.

Thanks for helping me out!! Dd will be most happy. :wink:

I just happened to have one saved. LOL

Here’s a couple pictures I found of some that were knit using that pattern.

here’s one

good luck with her surgery! keeping fingers crossed

Thanks! I love the pictures of the completed one. They are actually kind of cute. Would be comfy to wear while washing floors. But wait a sec, I don’t do floors! :teehee:

Thanks! I’m going to print these. Imagine them in either bright green or blue. :teehee:


Y’all are the BEST!!!


Oh, BTW, surgery was last week. Recovery is VERY, VERY slow and difficult. At least her sense of humor is returning though. Either that or she just can’t find her iPod and has nothing better to do. :teehee: