Knee Socks

Here are two photos of knee socks I completed at the end of the Spring - beginning of Summer. (Forgive the ashy knees :oops: ) They were done toe up with short row heels. This basic pattern is from IKs Summer 2007 issue. Oh, also, I cannot tell from the pictures to well, but my socks pooled (drat).

Those are great!

Oh, those look neat!

So awesome and just in time for fall!

What yarn did you use? I’m loving those heels!

I’ll trade your ashy knees for my stubbly knees:p

Um … I have that issue, but I can’t find the pattern. :aww: whimper Help … What page is it?

The instructions for the socks start on page 30 and the article on working toe-up socks start on page 24. I made a bit of a boo-boo I think when I was following the instructions for the short row heel, I repeated rows two and three instead of three and four. But the heels seemed to come out nicely still.

Sorry, Q.O.R. I misplaced the ball band (yet again) for this yarn. However, it wasn’t a luxury or expensive brand of yarn. I just wanted to try the toe-up method for making socks to see if I liked it or not, so I did not use some of my better skeins of yarn.

The heels were a total twist of fate.

… I guess that is what long pants and skirts are for :teehee:.

Oh, I love them! Great colors. I love the look of that heel. Beautiful work!

They look great!

those are sooo cool! i want to make some really long socks too… i have two whole balls of lion brand magic stripes in jelly bean just marinating in my stash…some day:heart:

Whooha! Thanks! :slight_smile:

You did a good job! That’s funny how near the top the colors go so far and half way down the leg they start striping nicely. It doesn’t look like you did anything wrong. These things just happen. :slight_smile: