Knee high sock patterns?

I’ve got 12 balls of 28g double knitting yarn - it’s vintage and came from the car boot sale (“Samsyco” Moray, in royal emerald. 90% wool, 10% nylon). I’ve got to a point where I want to use up or dump a fair amount of my stash because there’s so much of it, I’m getting anxious trying to sort it all out - especially while charity shops are closed and my mum’s friend can’t come and take anything, either to use herself or to donate the charity shop her son supports. Some yarn I have a plan for but it might be a while before I get round to using them.
For this yarn I was thinking knee high socks might be nice, if anyone can suggest a pattern? I’m not totally averse to simple cables, but do prefer patterns I could do in front of the TV. My TV watching cables tend to come out weird :sweat_smile: Flat or in the round both fine!

Sounds good. This is a perfect time for stash clearing.
Here are some patterns that might work for TV knitting

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They look good, thanks! I especially like the Birken girl pattern, even though my yarn is plain.

Hello Shintoga, here is an alternative suggestion, they are easy to make and the scalloped trim adds a really nice finishing touch. They are so comfortable and versatile I have made a few pairs as bed socks, boot liners, leg warmers. Leg Warmers Shaped_15


They look interesting, thanks! I do have more sock yarn than mentioned in the OP so I might try these next!

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