Knature thread

its not knitting, but I WAS knitting when I noticed a strange buzzing sound coming from behind a picture on my living room wall. It was GONE by the time I turned my head in the right direction.
But attached to the back of the picture, was a funny little waspy nest sort of thing. Small, with the end freshly closed. (I could tell it was fresh because it looked damp).

wow, I thought. what does this?

so I googled it.

turns out, while I had the balcony door open for the cats to come and go, a Blue Mud Dauber Wasp came in and discovered the perfect place to build a nest and lay an egg.

I took photos, but won’t share since they’re sorta gross and creepy, but also fascinating.

The Blue Mud Dauber Wasp builds this little “cave” with a small opening. Fills it full of dead spiders, and lays an egg.

so, ewww.

I removed the case.

Next day, I’ld forgotten about it, left the door open again.

wasp came back, and built another in the exact same spot, again filled with even more dead spiders. The opening was open, so it was planning on bringing even more.

I disposed of it.

Sure enough, a bit later, wasp arrived, with hapless victim. I’ld taken the picture down. Wasp flew around for a bit, looking for its nest, and then after a minute, gave up and left.

I’m keeping the screen door closed from now on.

They don’t sting people, aren’t at all aggressive, and you see them all over the place, doing their thing.

It sounds like a National Geographic special right in your living room. Good to have the wasp find a home outside.