Knashville Knitterzzz?

Hey…just wondering if there are any other Nashville, TN area knitters out there. :thumbsup:


I’m in the area… sort of. I live out in Dickson but get into Nashville maybe once a week. Whereabouts are you?

Hey! My best friend works in Dickson! She lives in McEwen. I live in the 'Boro. How long u been knitting?

I started knitting back in January - I learned by taking a class at the Renaissance Center out here. How about you?

I just moved to middle TN from RI and this state is huge. I’m in Smithville and near Cookeville. Anywhere near me? Mary

Aw, that stinks - it looks like we’re way across Nashville from each other. :sad: I’m west of town and you’re wayyyy east!

Yes!!! Right in the heart of Nashville here, West End and 21st!

Hey all!
I also live in the 'Boro.
I just started knitting, and am looking for a decent beginner class.
Someone said they took a class at the Renaissance Center in Dickson. How was that? Would you recommend it? Especially to someone who would have to drive 1 1/2 hours?
Anyone know of anything closer to my area (Murfreesboro)?

And a big “Hey, Y’all” from Spring Hill, down south of Nashville! I am also a new knitter (see sig) but have been progressing fairly well at it, I think because of my long years of crochet experience - makes it a snap to read patterns and understand the theories of increase/decrease, combining stitches, etc., I guess.
Anyway - has anyone found a really good LYS? There’s nothing from Columbia to Franklin, as far as I know. I did pop in to Threaded Bliss Yarns in Brentwood (on Franklin Rd near Old Hickory) just before Christmas - pretty cool, but a bit pricey for me while I’m still learning. Is there a good LYS in the 'boro?